Cold Weather Plumbing Tips

5 Cold Weather Plumbing Tips for Winter 2022

The arctic air has been brutal here in Maryland over the past few weeks and it looks as if the cold temperatures are here to stay for a little while, bringing ice and snow along with it. One of the top calls we receive in the winter months is for frozen pipes and, while we are here to fix any plumbing issue our clients may have, there are a few key areas of focus that can help prevent plumbing disasters caused by the colder weather:

Pipe Insulation

If any of your pipes are housed in non-heated areas, such as a basement or a garage, it is crucial to ensure these pipes are insulated. This protection will help keep your pipes from freezing.

Disconnect Outdoor Faucets

Water inside outdoor faucets can freeze and expand if they are left connected during colder temperatures. This expansion can cause connected faucets and pipes to freeze and break. To help prevent this, simply disconnect your water hoses, drain them of any remaining water, and store the hoses in a dry area.

Outdoor Faucet Leaks

After you disconnect any outdoor faucets, check for any leaks or drips that may need to be fixed. A leaking faucet can lead to water damage and severe plumbing issues during a freeze. Once your outdoor faucets are fully fixed, cover and insulate the faucets to avoid future issues.

Home Thermostat Temperature

If you are planning to head out of town, possibly somewhere a bit warmer, keep your home thermostat above 55 degrees.

Water Shut-off Valve

Do you know where your main shut-off valve is? If a frozen pipe does burst, the first course of action is to prevent further damage by shutting off the water to your home. Ensure that you and each person who lives in the home knows where the main shut-off valve is and how to turn it off.

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We understand that plumbing issues such as frozen pipes may still arise, despite the very best attempts at prevention. A few common signs of frozen pipes include visible frost build-up, a lack of water, and/or sinks beginning to smell. If you notice any of these signs, we’re here to help – 24/7! Simply fill out our contact us form or call us at 443-967-3736.