Plumbing Inspections Matter

Plumbing Inspections

Imagine all the various products you use throughout your life. Can you think of one that does not require some sort of regular care or maintenance? From our cars to our appliances even our clothing, all of these require regular care. Without proper care, we will not enjoy optimal performance or lifespan and we may also increase our risk of financial burden or even physical harm. Many aspects of our homes also require maintenance and plumbing is one of the important ones.


What’s the Big Deal?

While a Plumbing Inspection may not be high on your list of to-do’s (or even on it) in our often busy lives, a routine inspection can save you time, money, and stress over the long-term.  Routine plumbing inspections can alert you to potential issues that can be addressed early on so that they do not become large (expensive) plumbing emergencies in the future.



Small can become LARGE

Small plumbing problems often go unnoticed or ignored until they become large plumbing emergencies. Some of the signs of common plumbing problems may include: Faucets or toilets that are not working as they should, drastic increases in your water bill, and hot water that does not last as long as it used to or is taking a long time to recharge.

Warrior Plumbing and Heating provides 24/7 services for all of your plumbing emergencies but we want to be there for you and your family to prevent these emergencies BEFORE they occur. We are here to help you maintain the health and efficiency of your home’s plumbing system through a comprehensive inspection.

While the most critical time to have your plumbing system inspected is prior to purchasing a new home, we also highly recommend a yearly inspection. If you have an older home or have large trees on your property (roots can damage or clog pipes and sewer lines) regular inspections are a very good idea.


24/7 Emergency Service: 443-967-3736


5 Reasons to have a plumbing inspection

1. So that you can know the age and expected lifespan of your pipes and plumbing components. This will allow you to plan for any restoration as needed to minimize mold, water damage, and prevent any future leaks or harmful chemicals from entering into your drinking water.

2. The ability to maintain your home’s value – the condition of your home’s plumbing system plays a big role when valuing property. Having proof that your pipes are well-maintained allows you to negotiate a better price when selling.

3. The opportunity to optimize the lifespan of your plumbing system – any faults in the system will put a strain on the various components of your home’s plumbing and can shorten their lifespan. Keeping them free from faults makes them last longer and keeps money in your wallet.

4. The reduction of risk for plumbing emergencies. Spotting hidden issues before they turn into major emergencies keeps you and your family safe, your home secure and reduces the chance of a large restoration bill.

5. The opportunity to save money by repairing minor leaks before they worsen.



What is a Plumbing Inspection?

During an inspection, our plumbers will examine the following components of your home’s plumbing system to check for any leaks, drainage problems, corrosion, cracks, clogs or other issues.

  • Faucets
  • Toilets
  • Showers and tubs
  • Supply lines
  • Drains
  • Piping
  • Garbage disposal lines and unit
  • Dishwasher
  • Water heater
  • Washing machine hoses and lines


Once our plumbers have completed their inspection, we will provide you with a summary of our findings and discuss possible recommendations to maintain your home’s plumbing system.

To ensure that you and your family are safe from unexpected plumbing emergencies, CONTACT Warrior Plumbing and Heating today to schedule an inspection.

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Get the Lead Out!

If you are living in a property built before 1978 you may be in danger.

“Lead-based paint and lead contaminated dust are the most hazardous sources of lead for U.S. children. Lead-based paints were banned for use in housing in 1978. All houses built before 1978 are likely to contain some lead-based paint. However, it is the deterioration of this paint that causes a problem.”


Sadly, too many families in Maryland are forced to choose between a home that is affordable and one that is healthy. At Warrior Plumbing and Heating, we believe that a home should be both. As of May 2019, Warrior Plumbing and Heating is certified through the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to conduct lead-based paint renovation and repair for a healthy home at an affordable price.

What is LEAD?

According to the EPA, Lead is a naturally occurring element found in the earth’s crust. Lead’s density and ability to absorb vibration protects against harmful radiation. Despite this benefit, Lead can be highly toxic to humans and animals. Lead can be found both inside and outside of the home as deteriorated lead-paint can mix with household dust and soil.

Why is it DANGEROUS?

The toxic nature of lead can cause a range of health problems. Young children are especially vulnerable as their growing bodies are more sensitive to lead’s damaging effects. When lead is absorbed into the body, it can cause damage to the brain and other vital organs. Lead may also cause behavioral problems, learning disabilities, seizures and in extreme cases, death. Some symptoms of lead poisoning may include headaches, stomachaches, nausea, tiredness, and irritability. For children, there may be no symptoms at all.

What can be DONE about it?

The EPA recommends that homeowners take the following simple steps to lower the risk of exposure to lead:

  • Inspect and maintain all painted surfaces to prevent paint deterioration

  • Address water damage quickly and completely

  • Keep your home clean and dust-free

  • Clean around painted areas where friction can generate dust, such as doors, windows, and drawers. Wipe these areas with a wet sponge or rag to remove paint chips or dust

  • Use only cold water to prepare food and drinks

  • Flush water outlets used for drinking or food preparation

  • Clean debris out of outlet screens or faucet aerators on a regular basis

  • Wash children’s hands, bottles, pacifiers, and toys often

  • Teach children to wipe and remove their shoes and wash hands after playing outdoors

  • Ensure that your family members eat well-balanced meals as children with healthy diets absorb less lead.


The EPA’s final recommendation for home-owners is to ensure that any home renovation, repairs, or painting are conducted by a lead-safe certified contractor who can follow lead-safe work practices. Warrior Plumbing and Heating is proud to be a lead-safe EPA certified contractor. It is our goal to provide Baltimore, MD family homes with the affordable services needed to keep our families safe and healthy.


Related Resources

EPA Lead Information

Mayo Clinic Lead Information

Maryland’s Lead Poisoning Prevention Report




Senior-Friendly Bathroom Remodels by Warrior Plumbing in Baltimore, MD

7 Senior-Friendly Bathroom Ideas

Safer and Easier to use Bathrooms

If you are a Senior or have one living with you, these tips will be helpful in reducing the risk of injuries from falls.


According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control), at least 1 in 4 adults over the age of 65 falls each year.  The National Institute on Aging reports that 80% of all falls in the home occurs in the BATHROOM. Warrior Plumbing, serving Baltimore MD, can make any bathroom safer and easier to use for seniors, handicapped or disabled. If you’d just like handrails installed or a complete remodel, please CONTACT US and we’ll get started on your project right away!


7 Tips for Senior-Friendly Bathrooms


Walk-in Bathtubs installed in Baltimore 1: BATHTUB

There are many reasons to swap out a standard bathtub with a Walk-In type.  The main reasons are for the safety and convenience of seniors or those with limited mobility. Even with handrails, getting in and out of a standard bathtub can be risky for some people. Walk-in bathtubs are the safest option for unassisted and assisted bathers.

There are many different styles of walk-in bathtubs to choose from and prices have been decreasing as their popularity has grown. In Baltimore, Warrior Plumbing can help you select and install the perfect walk-in bathtub for your needs.


Senior Friendly Shower in Baltimore2: SHOWER

People don’t often think that a standard shower can be a safety issue. For some though, having to step over even a small threshold can increase the risk of a dangerous fall. Senior-friendly showers come in many configurations and there are conversion kits available as well.

The components of a senior-friendly (disabled/handicapped) shower can include a beveled threshold (allowing for wheelchair or walker access), a bench, grab bars, handrails, support poles, slip-resistant floor,  hand-held shower spray (accessible from the bench),  anti-scald valve and more.


Contact us to find out more about Senior-Friendly Bathrooms 


Raised Toilet for Seniors in Baltimore MD3: TOILET

The height of a standard toilet seat is often too low for ease of use by many seniors. This is also the case for anyone with back, hip or knee problems. Having handrails can help, but by replacing the toilet with a raised one is even better.  New raised toilets are not expensive and there are no special installation requirements.

There are many raised seats which can be used with existing toilets. Depending on your needs, this could be the best option. If this bathroom will be used by seniors extensively, or if the home is in a senior living community replacing the toilet with one with a raised seat can be the best option and even add value to the property.



Seniors will manage better in bathrooms with even lighting on all surfaces. Bathrooms which only have strong overhead lighting can have shadows making it difficult to navigate or find items. Wall mounted light fixtures can provide an even distribution of light. Also, high-gloss finishes (paint or countertops) should be avoided as these can produce glare which can also be confusing for the visually impaired.



Smooth floors in bathrooms look elegant but are dangerously slick when wet.  Throw rugs or mats can help but they can also be a tripping risk. The best options for safe bathroom flooring is a slip-resistant and cushioned material the best of which is Rubber. Rubber flooring is available as rolls or tiles but more expensive than other options. The advantages of using Rubber as bathroom flooring is that it is both slip and moisture-resistant and offers the most cushion in case of a fall. But as we mentioned, it is also expensive and there are limited designs as compared to Vinyl or Tile flooring. Slip-resistant Vinyl is a very good option and is much easier on the budget.  Vinyl is easy to maintain, comes in many styles, and offers more cushion than tile in case of a fall.



Handrails can make a senior’s life much easier and safer. Having something to hold onto when getting up from the toilet, bath or shower bench allows greater independence for seniors. Outside of the bathroom, anywhere there is a step or incline, a sturdy well-placed handrail will be appreciated by a senior or mobility-challenged person.


Our last tip is often overlooked when it comes to maintaining a safe environment for seniors. The floor is the most important area when it comes to removing clutter. Trash cans need to be kept under a cabinet,  door stops should not be used, and if there are children in the home, make sure to keep toys off of the floor where seniors will be walking. Also, throw rugs can be a tripping hazard and should be avoided in the senior-friendly home.


Contact Warrior NOW if you need a bathroom made Senior-Safe today!



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Warrior Plumbing and Heating is Baltimore’s most trusted Plumbing company. Family owned and operated, Warrior has 5 generations of plumbing experience! 


Baltimore Plumbing and Heating by Warrior

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Baltimore Drain Cleaning

Sewer Line Inspection and Repair

When is the last time you had your sewer line inspected?

Most people have had the VERY unpleasant experience of dealing with a blocked sewer line.

Warrior Plumbing has Sewer Line Inspection and Repair Equipment and is ready to come to your Baltimore area property this week. We, of course, offer 24/7 emergency plumbing service but hopefully, you won’t need that (if you do, call us at 443-967-3736)



Sewer Line Inspections are fast and easy with our video inspection equipment. No more digging up the front yard just to find the problem! We will be able to determine the cause of your slow or clogged drains and then FIX IT FAST!

Video Sewer Pipe Inspection



Slow drains are just annoying for so many reasons. And the cost of drain cleaner can add up quickly. If your drain keeps stopping up completely you need professional help. Warrior Plumbing has the equipment and expertise to fix your drains quickly and economically.


Don’t put it off any longer, contact us to schedule your appointment TODAY! 


If your sewer line is in need of repair (or replacement) there are now options that don’t require digging or at least as much digging as before.

Pipe relining, resin injection, and pipe bursting (trenchless pipe replacement) can save the property owner the hassle and cost of trenching the entire length of the affected line.


Sewer problems will always be a hassle but if you are in the Baltimore area Warrior Plumbing has you covered!


Contact Warrior NOW if you have any questions or concerns related to your Baltimore area sewer line or any plumbing and heating related issues.


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Resources for Veterans in MD

Veteran Challenges and Resources

Help for our fellow Vets

Resources for Veterans in MDAs a veteran-owned business, Warrior Plumbing and Heating recognizes and seeks to improve upon the obstacles faced by the estimated 371,000 Veteran brothers and sisters that call Maryland home.

In 2018 Warrior Plumbing introduced the “Help a Warrior” program which provides free plumbing and heating services to Baltimore area Veterans in need.

In early April of this year (2019), Warrior Plumbing and Heating attended the 2019 Year of the Maryland Veteran: Veteran and Military Families Celebration and Resource Fair. This was a community event organized by the Howard County Office of Veterans and Military Families and Howard County Commission for Veterans and Military Families. In an effort to celebrate “The Year of the Veteran” proclamation by our MD Governor, the event brought more than 40 government agencies, nonprofits, and veteran service organizations together.


The Challenges

Veterans and military families impacted by the traumatic experiences associated with war, face significant challenges that can have long-lasting negative effects.

Nearly 1 in 4 active duty members show signs of a mental health condition, according to a 2014 study in JAMA Psychiatry. The three primary mental health concerns that veterans typically encounter when serving in the military include:

  • PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) rates 15 times higher in veterans compared to civilians. PTSD is a mental health condition that may occur after an individual experiences or witnesses a traumatic event. While it is natural to feel afraid during and after a traumatic event, most people recover from initial symptoms naturally. Those who continue to experience symptoms may be diagnosed with PTSD.
  • Depression rates five times higher in veterans compared to civilians. Depression is more than just experiencing sadness. Depression does not mean a person is weak, nor is it something that an individual can simply “just get over.” Depression interferes with daily life and normal functioning which requires ongoing treatment. 
  • Veterans are also more at risk for Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) compared to that of civilians. A TBI is usually the result of a significant blow to the head or body. Symptoms can include headaches, fatigue or drowsiness, memory problems, mood changes, and mood swings.

Returning veterans may come home to families that do not know what they have experienced. They may not be sure how best to help their loved one who is experiencing symptoms of a mental health condition. As a result, they are often forced to learn ways to reintegrate back into society, as well as navigate the mental health systems on their own.


Helpful Resources

The agencies below provide critical services, programs, and employment opportunities for Maryland’s veteran community. Warrior Plumbing and Heating was proud to be a partner with the Veteran Friendly Business’ of Howard County program as one of the many supporting local community efforts and giving back to our veteran community.


Veterans in need of support can reach out to a number of Maryland resources:

          • Available 24/7, 365 days a year. Veteran service members and concerned loved ones may dial 1-800-273-8255 and press ‘one’ to receive help.
      1. Veteran Health Administration (VHA)
            • Provides healthcare to eligible Veterans
      1. Veteran Benefits Administration (VBA)
            • Oversees benefit distribution to eligible Veterans
            • Disability payments for injuries/illness sustained while in service
            • GI Bill and other vocational and educational resources
            • Staffed by the DHMH Behavioral Health Administration and a part of the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene
            • Regional Resource Coordinators are available 24/7 to assist with linking Veterans to resources and are devoted to helping Veterans and their families transition into healthy civilian life
            • Available by dialing 1-877- 770-4801
            • Works to improve the quality of life for individuals and their families in Maryland living with mental health issues. They provide free education and support groups for individuals and their families. We train individuals and families who have been through these experiences to connect as peers to those we serve. They work collaboratively with the VA and other military and veteran-connected organizations, agencies, and networks. Available online at by dialing their warm line at 877-878-2371. Office hours are from 9 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday.
            • Provide counseling, support, couples and family therapy to eligible Veterans


If you are or know, a US Veteran who is struggling in any way, PLEASE use the resources above. There is help for you. And if you are in the Baltimore area and need help with your plumbing or heating but can’t afford it, please apply for our Help a Warrior program.

Kitchen Remodel Services in Baltimore

Reasons to Remodel

Spring is here Baltimore!

Kitchen Remodel service in BaltimoreThe weather is warming, the trees are budding and the flowers blooming. Nature has awoken and is starting to show off its colors and fragrances. Warrior can help you show off a little yourself by remodeling that kitchen and/or bathroom.

Earlier this year, conducted a survey of people who had recently remodeled their kitchen. We are showing the top 6 reasons why people chose to do the remodel:


  1. They just could not stand their kitchen any longer 34%
  2. They finally had the budget available to pay for it 33%
  3. They had bought a new home and wanted to personalize the kitchen 29%
  4. The kitchen had deteriorated to the degree it was not safe 17%
  5. They were inspired to make changes 9%
  6. Needed to adapt to recent changes in family/lifestyle 9%

Need a little more motivation to Remodel?


Bathroom Remodel Services in Baltimore

Beyond having a kitchen and or bathroom that you will be proud of, there are financial reasons that also make remodeling a good idea.

When you look at how much value is added to your home when you remodel, it makes a lot more sense. provides this information for the Baltimore area.


Mid-range Bathroom Remodel

Average Cost: $20,749 – Increase in Value: $11,858 – Cost Recouped: 57.9%


Upscale  Bathroom Remodel

Average Cost: $64,786 – Increase in Value: $34,087  – Cost Recouped: 52.6%


Minor  Kitchen Remodel (Mid-range)

Average Cost: $22,607 –  Increase in Value: $16,639 – Cost Recouped: 73.6%


Major Kitchen Remodel (Mid-range)

Average Cost: $66,266 –  Increase in Value: $40,406 – Cost Recouped: 61%


Major Kitchen Remodel (Upscale)

Average Cost: $131,866 – Increase in Value: $70,684 – Cost Recouped: 53.6%


Baltimore Kitchen Remodel by Warrior PlumbingLooking at these figures you see that a Kitchen or Bathroom Remodel on average rewards you with an increase in home value equal to over 50% of your remodel cost. That basically means you’re getting your remodel at less than half price! 


To find out more about Warrior Plumbing’s Home Improvement and Remodeling Services CONTACT US NOW


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Warrior Plumbing brings DECADES of Plumbing, Heating and Construction services to Baltimore.  We are licensed in Maryland and a veteran-owned company.

Warrior Plumbing does your job right, on budget and on time!

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Time for that Remodel!

Make your Dream Kitchen or Bathroom a REALITY!


Kitchen Remodel

  • Are you tired of not having enough counter or cabinet space?
  • Have you dreamed of knocking out that wall and maybe adding an Island?
  • Is your tile, flooring, cabinets or fixtures in need of an upgrade?
  • How about converting that boring glass slider to beautiful french doors? 


Warrior is known for its plumbing and heating expertise but did you know it also has decades of construction experience? With our MD Contractors License, we can manage your home improvement project start to finish, top to bottom, inside and out.


Why Remodel?

There are a lot of very good reasons to remodel your home. Here’s just a few.

  1. Increase the VALUE of your home. You will not only enjoy your new kitchen and/or bathroom when you go to sell your home it will appraise higher.
  2. Improve traffic flow. Open up that ‘one-butt’ kitchen. Whether you want to entertain larger parties or if you have a growing family, adding more space for bodies to move around makes everyone happy!
  3. Decrease your Utility Bills. Are your kitchen appliances more than 10 years old? You are wasting money on needlessly high utility bills. New appliances are much more energy efficient.
  4. Expand your Storage Space. Kitchen or Bathroom we seem to have more and more items that need a place. Cabinets, closets/pantries, shelves, and counter space can be increased and really helps to stay organized.
  5. Protect your Health.  Regular high levels of moisture and humidity in Bathrooms create conditions perfect for the growth of mold and mildew. Under bathtubs, behind the tile, under vanities, behind baseboards, anywhere even a small amount of moisture can collect has the potential for mold and mildew growth. Remodeling the bathroom allows for any problems to be discovered and dealt with. The remodel can include improved ventilation, pre-treatment for problem areas and the use of mold/mildew resistant materials.
  6. Style and Comfort. How do you feel when you walk into a nice new or recently renovated home? The fresh paint, flooring, lighting, layout, decor etc. are so nice and you wish that you could live in a home like that. Now imagine if when you walked into your own home and felt the same way. A new kitchen and/or bathroom can give you that feeling and for much much less than the cost of a new home!




A lot of homeowners feel they can save money by doing a remodel themselves. There are plenty of small improvements that can be done by the homeowner. Painting, installing new switch and wall plates, replacing old faucets and door locksets. All of these can be done by a competent handyman. But if all or part of the work requires skills or tools beyond average capabilities, and if a subcontractor will need to be hired you should use qualified help.


Here are a few reasons to use Warrior as your Remodel Contractor

EXPERIENCE: Unless the homeowner has experience with carpentry, plumbing, electrical etc., there is a good chance the work won’t be done correctly. When this happens the cost of the job and the time required to complete can increase dramatically. Warrior will make sure the job is DONE RIGHT the first time!

SAFETY: If your remodel involves electrical work, by doing it yourself you are not just putting your life at risk but also your home. When it comes to plumbing, if you are installing new fixtures which have in-wall connections, any leaks could go unnoticed. This could lead to mold, wood rot, and even structural failure. The homeowner will be stuck with the repair bill. With Warrior handling the job you will be confident that the electrical and plumbing are being handled professionally.

HOME VALUE: You can use the best available materials but if the work is done poorly you could wind up with a home worth less than before you started.


Make your Dream Remodel and Reality!

Contact Warrior Now!













Help a Warrior Program helping Baltimore area Veterans

Help A Warrior Program

Warrior Plumbing and Heating is helping Baltimore area Veterans

Help a Warrior Program serving Baltimore VeteransThis past December we were honored to provide plumbing services for Charles B. who served as a  Combat Engineer for the US Army.

Charles had problems with low water pressure in his home. We replaced a very old pressure reducing valve and no more low-pressure for Charles!

Here’s what Charles had to say when we were finished.

I was very proud of the (Warrior Plumbing) company in the way they treated a veteran. Your company made me feel very special and you were very professional and did a very good job. I am so glad that I found out about your program. Keep up the good work helping veterans. Thank you very much, Mr. Charles F. Black Sr.,   SGT. In the United State Army.

We have a simple application form available on our website and either Veterans or people who know Veterans can apply. We will confirm that the Veteran was honorably discharged (DD214 Certificate) and that they are in financial need. Read more…

New Services Coming this Month!

Warrior Plumbing is in the process of upgrading its drain cleaning services with the purchase of a new Sewer Machine. This can clear sewer lines of any size quickly and we have video inspection capability to easily determine if the line is damaged in any way.

Warrior Plumbing is also getting its Contractors License! We will be able to manage your construction projects and use subcontractors that we know are professional and honest.

Warrior Plumbing’s Latest Reviews

Joshua Ratner  February 4,  2019

“I have always had good experiences with Warrior; they are honest about what things will cost, what they think is worth repairing or addressing and have been quick to come out in emergencies and reliable for minor repairs and maintenance. I recommend them to friends often!”

Sabrina Mercado   February 7, 2019

“Amazing service! They were so polite and helpful. I had a frozen pipe on the weekend and they came within hours. Reasonably priced and very professional. Would recommend 100%.”

Lena Peel  February 5, 2019

“Warrior Plumbing and Heating is second to none- from their professionalism to their overall knowledge and experience. Brent was able to answer all of my questions! I’m so happy to have used their services and will highly recommend them to all of my friends and family. Thank you for a job well done!”

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Remodeling this Spring?

We specialize in Bath and Kitchen Remodels. Contact us to find out more!

Warrior Plumbing and Heating is Baltimore’s Honest and Trusted Plumbers

We are happy to fix your leaky faucet or replace your boiler. We work on all property types, new construction and remodels. There is no job too big or small for Warrior Plumbing and Heating!

Tips on how to prevent Frozen Pipes this winter

Prevent Frozen Pipes

Prevent Frozen Pipes, Tips from Warrior Plumbing Baltimore, MD

Frozen Pipes are No Joke!

When the temperature DROPS, Frozen Pipes become the GREATEST risk of damage to property. 



 -that almost 40% of all frozen pipe failure happen in basements?

-The average cost of having a pipe burst is $5000.00

-A 1/8th inch crack spews 250 gallons PER DAY!


Baby, it’s COLD OUTSIDE!

During this cold-snap you can save yourself not only a huge hassle but also a costly one if you keep your pipes from freezing.

Here are some tips on how you can PREVENT Frozen Pipes.


1: Lower your Water Heater temperature. The higher your temperature the more pressure it creates. Check and see what yours is set at and if it’s higher than 140 degrees drop it down as low as 120.

2: Seal ALL openings in your exterior walls that allow cold air inside.

3: Check interior walls where utilities enter the house and caulk or insulate any openings were cold air is detected.

4: Pipes in unheated areas (Attic/Basement/Storage Closet) should be insulated and for areas that experience harsh winters (Hello Baltimore!) you might as well insulate all accessible pipes.

5: Keep the thermostat set to at least 55 degrees

6: Shut valves on exterior hose bibs, or faucets and drain the lines completely. Keep the spigots open to prevent pressure build up.

7: Water Leak Detectors can be a smart investment. Not only can they save you from having to deal with restoration and repair costs they can also LOWER your home insurance premium (check with your insurance carrier).




Frozen Pipe Procedures


If the pipe is NOT BROKEN: Use a hair dryer, heat lamp, space heater or electric lamp. Focus the heating where the pipe comes in from the wall. Monitor the process regularly and once water flows from the faucet you are done. DO NOT use OPEN FLAME to thaw your pipes. This is a catastrophe in the making and, well, just DON’T DO IT! Call the plumber not the Fire Department.

No Water? Hopefully, you will have only one frozen pipe to deal with BUT if you are not getting water from any faucet and your pipes are not frosted over you may have a problem outside of your home with your main water line either into or out from your water meter. Here in Baltimore, you can check to see if there are any water main breaks that may be affecting you: Baltimore City Water Main Repair Map

If you have a pipe burst

1: SHUT your water main and water heater valves off

2: If you are in the Baltimore, MD area CALL US. (if you are not in our service area contact your local plumber immediately).

Email and Passwords Hacked


Time to Update your PASSWORDS!

Yesterday it was reported that a single file containing 773 MILLION emails along with 21 MILLION passwords was posted on a popular hacker forum.

We know that this is not related to plumbing and heating or to our websites, however, when our incredible IT staff alerted us to this we knew that we had to let our Warrior Plumbing family and friends know.


Make sure that you check EVERY PASSWORD you use, especially if you use the same one for multiple sites (which is a very BAD practice). The data includes many hacks for over the years so be sure and check old email addresses and passwords.

1: Use this link to check if any of your email addresses are on the list.

2: Use this link to check if any of your passwords are on the list.

If your email and passwords are on the list CHANGE YOUR PASSWORDS IMMEDIATELY!

To see the original article Click Here


Be Aware of Phishing Scams

That most loathsome of tactics — phishing — is when cybercriminals try to trick, intimidate, or pressure you through social engineering into unwittingly doing what they want. A phishing email may tell you (falsely) that there’s something wrong with your credit card account. It will direct you to click a link, which takes you to a phony website built to resemble your credit card company. The scammers stand by with bated breath, hoping the ruse is working and that you’ll now enter your password. Once you do, they have it.

Phishing scams can try to ensnare you through phone calls too. Be leery of any robocall you get claiming to be about your credit card account. Notice the recorded greeting doesn’t specify which credit card it’s calling about. It’s a sort of test to see if you hang up right away or if they’ve got you “hooked.” If you stay on the line, you will be connected to a real person who will do what they can to wheedle as much sensitive data out of you as possible, including your passwords.

Follow These Simple Password Rules

ALWAYS Use Different Passwords for Different Accounts

It can be tempting to use the same password for every account, so we don’t forget our passwords. However, this makes it easier for hackers to break into a multitude of accounts. Diversify your passwords by using a different password for every account.

Use Two-Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication can help keep accounts and data safe from hackers. This highly effective safety precaution measure requires you to input a PIN that gets sent to you via an email, SMS or app. Consequently, two-factor authentication protects from stolen passwords and prevents an external person from accessing systems and accounts.

Use a Password Manager

More and more businesses and professionals are using password managers as a means of practicing high levels of security and to help keep their sanity. With password managers, you only need to remember one password, as the password manager stores and even create passwords for your different accounts, automatically signing you in when you log on. There are several free ones online.

Create A Strong Password

Strong passwords make it significantly more difficult for hackers to crack and break into systems. Strong passwords are considered over 8 characters in length and comprise of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols.

Don’t Change Them So Dang Often

Don’t change passwords too often. Passwords are hard. They should be! But it’s better to go through the trouble of making one good one, and sticking with it, then to expect to be able to turn over that many special characters more often than you do the pages on a wall calendar.

Avoid Bunching Numbers and Symbols Together

One good password practice that often goes overlooked it to spread numbers and symbols throughout the password instead of bunching them together, which makes it easier for the password to be hacked.

Steer Clear from the Obvious

Having an ‘obvious’ password, such as 12345 or password1, makes it easy for hackers to compromise. Instead, come up with unique passwords that steer clear of personal information, like your date of birth or child’s name.

Test Your Password

Ensure your password is strong by putting it through an online testing tool. Microsoft’s Safety & Security Center has a password testing tool to help businesses and individuals come up with passwords that are less likely to be hacked.

Refrain from Using Dictionary Words

Sophisticated hackers have programs that search through tens of thousands of dictionary words. Help prevent your business from being the victim of a dictionary attack program by avoiding using dictionary words. Instead, opt for random passwords.

PLEASE SHARE THIS with your friends and family and if you have older relatives or neighbors consider assisting them with this.

Thank you,

The Warrior Family