Out with the Blue, in with the New!

Most polybutylene pipe – also referred to as “big blue” pipe is a blue (or gray) plastic pipe manufactured by the Shell Oil Corporation. It was installed in homes in the greater Baltimore area between approximately 1978 and 1995 – mostly in new construction – but it was also used to replace water services in older homes as well.

It has been found that chlorine, which is added to the Baltimore water system to sanitize our drinking water, reacts with the polybutylene making the pipe brittle. All polybutylene pipes will fail for this reason. It is not a question of if it will fail, but a question of when it will happen. It is typical to see a need for pipe replacement when the seasons change. As the ground changes temperature, the change in temperature causes the pipe to expand or contract aggravating its weakness.

Warrior Plumbing and Heating wants to ensure that your home is safe. This month, we are offering a free big blue pipe inspection to see if your home’s piping needs replacement. We are also offering a further $300 off replacement, should it be needed. To ensure your home’s safety, please contact us today.

How do I know if I have it?

  • Check to see if you there is any blue plastic pipe where your water service enters the home.
  • Check to see if there is a gray plastic fitting when your water service pipe enters the home.

Unfortunately, some big blue pipe is completely hidden underground. If you match one of the below criteria, we would suggest having a Warrior plumber come out and inspect your pipe for you:

  • My house was built between 1978 and 1995.
  • My neighbors on my street or in my neighborhood have had it replaced.
  • I have a higher than usual water bill.
  • My yard is always wet.
  • My sump pump runs too much.
  • The front wall of my basement is damp or wet.

What is the value of replacement?

Even when the big blue pipe is in good condition, there are valuable reasons for replacement.

  • Water Damage – If for any reason the pipe should break within the foundation of a wall or anywhere near, water damage is likely. Water that leaks into the home causes damage to flooring, drywall, air conditioning and heating units, furniture, personal belongings, and more.
  • Mold – Mold can lead to an array of serious health risks. If a home becomes water damaged because of a broken pipe, mold can grow beneath carpeting, in walls, inside ductwork, and other small places.
  • Exterior Pipe Break – If a pipe breaks outside the home, soil can wash away under driveways, walkways, and sidewalks. This can cause cracks or even the ground giving way which may lead to someone becoming injured.
  • Increased Water Bill – Even small leaks that go unnoticed can create big problems and costly water bills down the road – especially as the leak worsens.
  • Water Pressure – These pipes typically measure ½ to 1 inch in diameter. Based on size, this can cause limited water pressure. Once the pipes are replaced, water pressure improves.
  • Hot Water – When new pipes are installed with an optional hot water recirculation system, there is never a shortage of hot water. While beneficial for everyone, this is especially great news for larger families.
  • Home Value – Are you interested in selling your home in the future? Most homes sold undergo a home inspection prior to purchasing a property. Letting potential buyers know that old pipes have been replaced is a huge selling point and increases your home’s value.
  • Peace of Mind – There is a peace of mind in knowing that your outdated and potentially dangerous pipes are replaced.

If you would like to learn more or are concerned about your home’s piping, please contact us today. We’re available 24/7 to ensure your home’s plumbing and heating needs are safe and sound.

Save Up To $275 OFF Home Winterization

Temperatures are beginning to fall and winter will soon be upon us! To prepare your home for the winter season, Warrior Plumbing and Heating has put together this quick guide to winterizing your home and has bundled up our most popular (and most crucial) cold weather services to save you hundreds of dollars in preparing your home for the winter season. We are offering a water heater inspection, sump pump inspection, and boiler service for a bundled up low price of just $325. Typically, these services cost upwards of $500 – $600.

Keep in mind, this offer ends December 1st and excludes high-efficiency water heaters & boilers. We’d be happy to give you a fair price on a high-efficiency bundle, however. To bundle up and save when winterizing your home this year, simply fill out our contact us form or call us at 443-967-3736.

Winterizing your home’s plumbing and heating system is a crucial process that prepares your home for inevitable winter weather. Freezing temperatures and snowfall can make your home much more susceptible to damage. With some preparation and a plan in place, you and your home can endure this winter season.

Water Heaters

With freezing temperatures and the ground temperature plummeting, the water entering your home becomes colder. This means that your water heater needs to work harder than usual. This is also the time of year when we Marylanders want to pump more hot water into our sinks, tubs, and showers to stay warm. With this increased activity, underlying issues can emerge. Faulty parts, sediment build up, or a bad winter storm can wreak havoc on your home’s water heater.

If you have a gas water heater, it’s important to keep an eye on the pilot, thermocouple, and pilot control valve. In electric water heaters, it’s important to inspect the thermostat and heating elements. A licensed warrior plumber will be able to assess these parts for faults and ensure they are working properly.

Sediment and other minerals tend to build up on the bottom of water heaters. This causes your water heater to utilize more energy and lose efficiency over time. Your home’s water heater should be flushed out regularly to avoid build up and prevent damage.

Sump Pumps

Maryland winters can beat up our homes with rain, ice, and snow. Flooding can become quite a problem during the winter, especially in the more vulnerable areas of your home like basements and crawlspaces. A sump pump is only activated when it is needed and is meant to pump water out of these vulnerable areas, away from your home, to avoid flooding.

Just like any other system in your home, your sump pump can develop faults. Unlike these other systems, though, it is often not obvious that your sump pump isn’t working properly until it is too late. Preventative sump pump maintenance allows your Warrior plumber to identify any issues before they cause any costly damage to your home. Your sump pump should be inspected regularly to ensure it works properly when it’s needed most.


Boilers are like the motor of your home. They not only protect your family from the winter elements, they are needed to keep everything within your house at a temperature that it can function properly. But like anything, boilers can fail at the most inopportune moments due to faulty parts, pumps, or electrical components.

Just like your vehicle, boilers should be serviced on an annual basis to ensure they are working at optimum efficiency and properly heating your home.

Stay ahead of potential home disasters. We’re here to help! Simply fill out our contact us form or call us at 443-967-3736 to bundle up and save.

A Need for Sewer Line Inspections in the Baltimore Area

We’ve noticed a greater need for sewer line inspections in the Baltimore area as symptoms of sewer drain clogs begin to appear with the summer weather. Have you noticed any of the following symptoms of a sewer drain clog in your home?

  • Toilet fills up when you run the sink
  • Multiple fixtures are clogged
  • Toilet doesn’t flush or gurgles
  • Tub fills with waste water

If you have begun to notice these symptoms, then you absolutely need a sewer line inspection.

This month, Warrior Plumbing and Heating is offering a sewer line inspection for only $200. Typically, these inspections are estimated at around $400 so that’s a half-off savings of $200! If you’re noticing any symptoms of a sewer drain clog in your home, call today to schedule a sewer line inspection at 443-967-3736. This offer will only last for a short time with an expiration date of August 15th, 2020. Additional costs may apply if there is not an accessible clean out and/or the drain line is longer than 75 feet.

Who needs a sewer camera inspection?

Warrior Plumbing highly recommends getting a camera inspection of your pipes anytime you’ve been having problems with your plumbing system. Whether you’ve been hearing odd gurgling noises, having trouble flushing your toilets, or if your drains are slow to clear. There could be a blockage or a repairable break in your sewer lines that’s causing the issue. This is the type of home maintenance that is best to stay ahead of.

Warrior Plumbing and Heating also recommends that Baltimore area home-owners (or potential home-buyers) take proactive measures to ensure the safety of their home. For home-buyers, we would argue that a sewer line inspection should be a mandatory part of your home inspection checklist. Do not purchase a home without one.

What is a sewer line inspection?

A camera inspection of your lines will reveal major problems from roots overtaking your pipes, or even structural problems such as misalignment, corrosion, and breaks in your pipes. A sewer line inspection is done by using a special high-resolution camera attached to a rod that one of our licensed plumbers will insert through your pipes. A signal transmits from the equipment which will alert us to exactly where any obstructions are. We can then determine how to best clear the blockage and get your line flowing smoothly again. Locating potential problems with your sewer line before they become serious issues can not only save you headaches, but thousands of dollars in unpleasant and highly intrusive repairs.

What are the benefits of a sewer line inspection?

We’ve pulled together this list of the top five benefits of having a sewer line inspection for your home:

  1. No digging Involved – Where once sewer inspections required yard excavations, this advanced technology has made the inspection process less tedious. Only a small entry point into the sewer line is required for the camera to detect any plumbing issues.
  2. Less Labor Costs – Advanced technology has made it possible to complete a sewer line inspection without the use of excavation – saving costs on heavy machinery and a team of contractors. A licensed Warrior plumber can complete this innovative method on their own.
  3. Time Efficiency – The advanced technology has also made it possible to save time completing the inspection itself and ensuring that any issues are resolved early on so that you do not have to waste time and energy fixing the same issues time and time again.
  4. Service integration – After a sewer inspection, your video recording is provided to you and usually stored which makes any service repairs that are needed, run smoothly and efficiently.
  5. Preventative maintenance – Your sewer line provides a vital function to your home by taking away all waste and drainage, but it’s not easy to tell when they’re in danger of backing up or causing a serious problem. A sewer inspection is the best solution for preventing any future plumbing issues and maintaining the health of your home’s plumbing system. Any home owner’s priority should be to make their home significantly sound with routine maintenance.

Stay ahead of potential home disasters and save big this month with our sewer line inspection special. We’re here to help!

Call Us Today at 443-967-3736.

Six Reasons for a Remodel from Warrior Plumbing… Just Named one of Baltimore’s TOP PLUMBERS!

This summer, Warrior Plumbing and Heating, is offering $500 dollars off any bathroom or kitchen remodel. Are you wondering if a remodel is the right decision for you and your family? We’ve pulled together a list of the top reasons to remodel your home:

Six reasons for a remodel from Warrior Plumbing and Heating… just named one of Baltimore’s TOP PLUMBERS!

  1. Immediately Increase The Value of Your Home: Having a freshly remodeled bathroom or kitchen can add thousands of dollars of value to a home.
  2. Lower Your Utility Bills: New fixtures can save on your electricity and water bills.
  3. Increase Your Storage: Tired of having to cram your groceries or toiletries into a limited space? Adding cabinets, shelves, and drawers can provide you more storage space.
  4. Accessibility Needs: Are you looking to create a wider kitchen or build a walk-in shower or bathtub with handles to assist with sitting and standing? Warrior Plumbing can help make your kitchen or bathroom meet your needs.
  5. Outdated Design: Is your kitchen or bathroom just outdated? We can help you replace your outdated design and create a new, fresh space.
  6. Mold and Mildew: Do you struggle with controlling stubborn mold and mildew? Upgrading your ventilation and replacing rough surfaces with smooth surfaces will help with this problem.

Warrior has been doing Baltimore area bathroom and kitchen remodels for years. We know how to finish your remodel on time and on budget!

How will a renovation affect your home value?

Beyond having a kitchen and or bathroom that you will be proud of, there are financial reasons that also make remodeling a good idea. An updated kitchen and bathroom can help your home stand out among prospective buyers, which will help your home to sell faster and for more money if you choose to move.

While each project varies and can be suited to meet your budgetary needs, CostvsValue.com provides average costs for bathroom and kitchen remodels in the Baltimore area. Looking at the figures, you can see that a kitchen or bathroom remodel rewards you with an average increase in home value equal to over 50% of your remodel cost.

That basically means you’re getting your remodel at less than half price!

Be sure to take advantage of our summer special today and save $500 off any bathroom or kitchen remodel by calling us at  443-967-3736. This special will expire September 1st.

Senior-Friendly Bathroom Remodels by Warrior Plumbing in Baltimore, MD

7 Senior-Friendly Bathroom Ideas

Safer and Easier to use Bathrooms

If you are a Senior or have one living with you, these tips will be helpful in reducing the risk of injuries from falls.


According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control), at least 1 in 4 adults over the age of 65 falls each year.  The National Institute on Aging reports that 80% of all falls in the home occurs in the BATHROOM. Warrior Plumbing, serving Baltimore MD, can make any bathroom safer and easier to use for seniors, handicapped or disabled. If you’d just like handrails installed or a complete remodel, please CONTACT US and we’ll get started on your project right away!


7 Tips for Senior-Friendly Bathrooms


Walk-in Bathtubs installed in Baltimore 1: BATHTUB

There are many reasons to swap out a standard bathtub with a Walk-In type.  The main reasons are for the safety and convenience of seniors or those with limited mobility. Even with handrails, getting in and out of a standard bathtub can be risky for some people. Walk-in bathtubs are the safest option for unassisted and assisted bathers.

There are many different styles of walk-in bathtubs to choose from and prices have been decreasing as their popularity has grown. In Baltimore, Warrior Plumbing can help you select and install the perfect walk-in bathtub for your needs.


Senior Friendly Shower in Baltimore2: SHOWER

People don’t often think that a standard shower can be a safety issue. For some though, having to step over even a small threshold can increase the risk of a dangerous fall. Senior-friendly showers come in many configurations and there are conversion kits available as well.

The components of a senior-friendly (disabled/handicapped) shower can include a beveled threshold (allowing for wheelchair or walker access), a bench, grab bars, handrails, support poles, slip-resistant floor,  hand-held shower spray (accessible from the bench),  anti-scald valve and more.


Contact us to find out more about Senior-Friendly Bathrooms 


Raised Toilet for Seniors in Baltimore MD3: TOILET

The height of a standard toilet seat is often too low for ease of use by many seniors. This is also the case for anyone with back, hip or knee problems. Having handrails can help, but by replacing the toilet with a raised one is even better.  New raised toilets are not expensive and there are no special installation requirements.

There are many raised seats which can be used with existing toilets. Depending on your needs, this could be the best option. If this bathroom will be used by seniors extensively, or if the home is in a senior living community replacing the toilet with one with a raised seat can be the best option and even add value to the property.



Seniors will manage better in bathrooms with even lighting on all surfaces. Bathrooms which only have strong overhead lighting can have shadows making it difficult to navigate or find items. Wall mounted light fixtures can provide an even distribution of light. Also, high-gloss finishes (paint or countertops) should be avoided as these can produce glare which can also be confusing for the visually impaired.



Smooth floors in bathrooms look elegant but are dangerously slick when wet.  Throw rugs or mats can help but they can also be a tripping risk. The best options for safe bathroom flooring is a slip-resistant and cushioned material the best of which is Rubber. Rubber flooring is available as rolls or tiles but more expensive than other options. The advantages of using Rubber as bathroom flooring is that it is both slip and moisture-resistant and offers the most cushion in case of a fall. But as we mentioned, it is also expensive and there are limited designs as compared to Vinyl or Tile flooring. Slip-resistant Vinyl is a very good option and is much easier on the budget.  Vinyl is easy to maintain, comes in many styles, and offers more cushion than tile in case of a fall.



Handrails can make a senior’s life much easier and safer. Having something to hold onto when getting up from the toilet, bath or shower bench allows greater independence for seniors. Outside of the bathroom, anywhere there is a step or incline, a sturdy well-placed handrail will be appreciated by a senior or mobility-challenged person.


Our last tip is often overlooked when it comes to maintaining a safe environment for seniors. The floor is the most important area when it comes to removing clutter. Trash cans need to be kept under a cabinet,  door stops should not be used, and if there are children in the home, make sure to keep toys off of the floor where seniors will be walking. Also, throw rugs can be a tripping hazard and should be avoided in the senior-friendly home.


Contact Warrior NOW if you need a bathroom made Senior-Safe today!



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Baltimore Plumbing and Heating by Warrior

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Baltimore Drain Cleaning

Sewer Line Inspection and Repair

When is the last time you had your sewer line inspected?

Most people have had the VERY unpleasant experience of dealing with a blocked sewer line.

Warrior Plumbing has Sewer Line Inspection and Repair Equipment and is ready to come to your Baltimore area property this week. We, of course, offer 24/7 emergency plumbing service but hopefully, you won’t need that (if you do, call us at 443-967-3736)



Sewer Line Inspections are fast and easy with our video inspection equipment. No more digging up the front yard just to find the problem! We will be able to determine the cause of your slow or clogged drains and then FIX IT FAST!

Video Sewer Pipe Inspection



Slow drains are just annoying for so many reasons. And the cost of drain cleaner can add up quickly. If your drain keeps stopping up completely you need professional help. Warrior Plumbing has the equipment and expertise to fix your drains quickly and economically.


Don’t put it off any longer, contact us to schedule your appointment TODAY! 


If your sewer line is in need of repair (or replacement) there are now options that don’t require digging or at least as much digging as before.

Pipe relining, resin injection, and pipe bursting (trenchless pipe replacement) can save the property owner the hassle and cost of trenching the entire length of the affected line.


Sewer problems will always be a hassle but if you are in the Baltimore area Warrior Plumbing has you covered!


Contact Warrior NOW if you have any questions or concerns related to your Baltimore area sewer line or any plumbing and heating related issues.


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Kitchen Remodel Services in Baltimore

Reasons to Remodel

Spring is here Baltimore!

Kitchen Remodel service in BaltimoreThe weather is warming, the trees are budding and the flowers blooming. Nature has awoken and is starting to show off its colors and fragrances. Warrior can help you show off a little yourself by remodeling that kitchen and/or bathroom.

Earlier this year, Houzz.com conducted a survey of people who had recently remodeled their kitchen. We are showing the top 6 reasons why people chose to do the remodel:


  1. They just could not stand their kitchen any longer 34%
  2. They finally had the budget available to pay for it 33%
  3. They had bought a new home and wanted to personalize the kitchen 29%
  4. The kitchen had deteriorated to the degree it was not safe 17%
  5. They were inspired to make changes 9%
  6. Needed to adapt to recent changes in family/lifestyle 9%

Need a little more motivation to Remodel?


Bathroom Remodel Services in Baltimore

Beyond having a kitchen and or bathroom that you will be proud of, there are financial reasons that also make remodeling a good idea.

When you look at how much value is added to your home when you remodel, it makes a lot more sense.


CostvsValue.com provides this information for the Baltimore area.


Mid-range Bathroom Remodel

Average Cost: $20,749 – Increase in Value: $11,858 – Cost Recouped: 57.9%


Upscale  Bathroom Remodel

Average Cost: $64,786 – Increase in Value: $34,087  – Cost Recouped: 52.6%


Minor  Kitchen Remodel (Mid-range)

Average Cost: $22,607 –  Increase in Value: $16,639 – Cost Recouped: 73.6%


Major Kitchen Remodel (Mid-range)

Average Cost: $66,266 –  Increase in Value: $40,406 – Cost Recouped: 61%


Major Kitchen Remodel (Upscale)

Average Cost: $131,866 – Increase in Value: $70,684 – Cost Recouped: 53.6%


Baltimore Kitchen Remodel by Warrior PlumbingLooking at these figures you see that a Kitchen or Bathroom Remodel on average rewards you with an increase in home value equal to over 50% of your remodel cost. That basically means you’re getting your remodel at less than half price! 


To find out more about Warrior Plumbing’s Home Improvement and Remodeling Services  CONTACT US NOW


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Warrior Plumbing brings DECADES of Plumbing, Heating and Construction services to Baltimore.  We are licensed in Maryland and a veteran-owned company.

Warrior Plumbing does your job right, on budget and on time!

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Time for that Remodel!

Make your Dream Kitchen or Bathroom a REALITY!


Kitchen Remodel

  • Are you tired of not having enough counter or cabinet space?
  • Have you dreamed of knocking out that wall and maybe adding an Island?
  • Is your tile, flooring, cabinets or fixtures in need of an upgrade?
  • How about converting that boring glass slider to beautiful french doors? 


Warrior is known for its plumbing and heating expertise but did you know it also has decades of construction experience? With our MD Contractors License, we can manage your home improvement project start to finish, top to bottom, inside and out.


Why Remodel?

There are a lot of very good reasons to remodel your home. Here’s just a few.

  1. Increase the VALUE of your home. You will not only enjoy your new kitchen and/or bathroom when you go to sell your home it will appraise higher.
  2. Improve traffic flow. Open up that ‘one-butt’ kitchen. Whether you want to entertain larger parties or if you have a growing family, adding more space for bodies to move around makes everyone happy!
  3. Decrease your Utility Bills. Are your kitchen appliances more than 10 years old? You are wasting money on needlessly high utility bills. New appliances are much more energy efficient.
  4. Expand your Storage Space. Kitchen or Bathroom we seem to have more and more items that need a place. Cabinets, closets/pantries, shelves, and counter space can be increased and really helps to stay organized.
  5. Protect your Health.  Regular high levels of moisture and humidity in Bathrooms create conditions perfect for the growth of mold and mildew. Under bathtubs, behind the tile, under vanities, behind baseboards, anywhere even a small amount of moisture can collect has the potential for mold and mildew growth. Remodeling the bathroom allows for any problems to be discovered and dealt with. The remodel can include improved ventilation, pre-treatment for problem areas and the use of mold/mildew resistant materials.
  6. Style and Comfort. How do you feel when you walk into a nice new or recently renovated home? The fresh paint, flooring, lighting, layout, decor etc. are so nice and you wish that you could live in a home like that. Now imagine if when you walked into your own home and felt the same way. A new kitchen and/or bathroom can give you that feeling and for much much less than the cost of a new home!




A lot of homeowners feel they can save money by doing a remodel themselves. There are plenty of small improvements that can be done by the homeowner. Painting, installing new switch and wall plates, replacing old faucets and door locksets. All of these can be done by a competent handyman. But if all or part of the work requires skills or tools beyond average capabilities, and if a subcontractor will need to be hired you should use qualified help.


Here are a few reasons to use Warrior as your Remodel Contractor

EXPERIENCE: Unless the homeowner has experience with carpentry, plumbing, electrical etc., there is a good chance the work won’t be done correctly. When this happens the cost of the job and the time required to complete can increase dramatically. Warrior will make sure the job is DONE RIGHT the first time!

SAFETY: If your remodel involves electrical work, by doing it yourself you are not just putting your life at risk but also your home. When it comes to plumbing, if you are installing new fixtures which have in-wall connections, any leaks could go unnoticed. This could lead to mold, wood rot, and even structural failure. The homeowner will be stuck with the repair bill. With Warrior handling the job you will be confident that the electrical and plumbing are being handled professionally.

HOME VALUE: You can use the best available materials but if the work is done poorly you could wind up with a home worth less than before you started.


Make your Dream Remodel and Reality!

Contact Warrior Now!