Clogged Drain

Clogged drains are so annoying. There is NEVER a good time to have your sink, bath, shower or toilet get clogged. 

Standing water in a clogged drain can cause some serious damage to your pipes. Sitting water can cause a horrid stench and pipes to rust faster. While Drano is a fast fix, it’s also a corrosive chemical and can cause damage to your pipes through erosion. It’s best to call the professionals for your clogged drains to avoid further damage to your pipes.

Clogged Drains Fixed Fast!

We will send one of our professional and courteous plumbers to fix your drain issue FAST!

Our Services

From clogged drains in the kitchen sinks to drain repair in the bathroom, Warrior Plumbing & Heating can service all your drain needs!  Around your house, there are many drains that are in constant need of proper care and upkeep, so they can function properly.

Our professionals at Warrior Plumbing & Heating have the experience, tools, and training to provide you with a full variety of drain unclogging and cleaning services and repair including:


When you wash dishes in the kitchen sink, grease, soap, and food waste make their way down the drain. It builds up until the drain is clogged and runs more slowly.  Debris can also clog your dishwasher drains and garbage disposal.


When you release the plug in your bathtub, the water should drain quickly within just a few minutes. The same goes for when you’re showering. Water should be draining constantly, without retaining any water, when you’re showering. When your tub drains more slowly, there’s a good chance that there’s build-up of soap and hair clogging the drain.

Bathroom Sink:

Another drain to be concerned with is the sink in your bathroom. Clogged drains can be caused by toothpaste, soap, and grime. Bathroom sinks are also where people tend to drop jewelry and other small objects down the drain. If something falls down the drain, it’s important to call us to retrieve the lost item.


A clogged toilet is most often caused by attempts to flush non-disintegrating products down the toilet. Such products might include feminine hygiene products, facial tissue, and baby wipes.

Floor Drains:

Floor drains are often found in older laundry rooms, driveways, garages, patios, basements, and bathrooms. They were put in to carry away water to prevent any flooding. Though clogged drains don’t happen often with these, it’s important to service them regularly due to the trap they’re usually equipped with, which prevents odors and sewer gas from entering the building.

Main Sewer Line:

This is the most important drain for your house. You don’t want a clogged drain in this situation. Call Warrior Plumbing & Heating whenever your sewer line needs repair. We can properly diagnose the problem and fix it quickly.

Make the Smart Move

Though quick fixes are tempting and seemingly cheap, you run the risk of causing further damage. Replacing a drain pipe can be very expensive especially in multi-story buildings. Do the smart thing and let us fix any clogged or slow drains you may have. We work fast and our prices are reasonable! 

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“Brent and his associate saved us twice in one week – and put our minds at ease – first was a main line clog (so stressful ) had us up and running in an hour!!! No muss, no fuss! Then we had a leak in our icemaker line – Brent traced that back, climbed behind our refidge (no small feat) and had us all taken care of again in no time – and again, no muss nor fuss! I’d call them again in a hot second if we had anymore problems! Thanks Brent!”

Melissa T. March 17, 2018

Both Brent and Brent, Jr. have been our plumbers for the last several years. Whether completing a bathroom renovation or a smaller repair, they have always provided us with honest, expert recommendations and very high quality work. They have always gone the "extra mile" for us. They are unmatched in their reliability, professionalism, and concern for customers, and truly deserve the highest recommendation for any job.

Neal M
Neal M.