Plumber’s Guide to Gifting: Practical and Useful DIY Gifts

The holidays are often the busiest days for us at Warrior Plumbing and Heating with many Maryland families experiencing bustling activities in their homes mixed with falling temperatures. If someone on your holiday gift list recently purchased a home – or even moved into a new rental – consider buying them a gift this holiday season that they will actually use this coming year. Before you say “But it’s the holidays! No one wants a gift like that!”, we beg to differ. Sometimes practical gifts are the most useful and therefore the most appreciated of gifts.

Check out our list of practical DIY plumbing tools to have handy, even if you’re not. Please note that the links below allow you to purchase the items listed, but we receive no commission. We present this list only as a guide.

DIY Plumbing Tools

Emergency Toilet Paper

The COVID-19 pandemic showed how toilet paper is the most important plumbing tool used in every home. It can run out at the most inopportune time so take the stress away by keeping a special stash of emergency toilet paper hidden away.

Hand Auger

A plunger may not clear a clog as well as you want. There is another solution to get things flowing again. Used on tubs, showers, and drains, the hand auger will grab hair and debris out. You will need to get a special toilet auger though since a hand auger could damage the porcelain.

Multipurpose Tools

Multi-purpose tools are lifesavers in a plumbing emergency. These come with up to 29 stainless steel tools that could include needle nose pliers, regular pliers, wire cutters, wire strippers, saws, regular and serrated knives, wrenches, a good variety of screwdrivers, and more.


These low-profile screwdrivers feature the shortest possible bits (just 10mm) that provide full engagement with any sized screw. They are made of steel alloy and have a tether hold (to prevent you from dropping it).


New homeowners tend to buy tools bit by bit, as needed. As their tool collection grows larger, they rarely think of purchasing a toolbox to store everything in, instead placing some items in the kitchen “junk drawer” or sticking them in a random box in the garage. A toolbox filled with the essentials is a wonderful gift, one that will be used by the homeowner for years – if not decades – to come.

Not sure what essentials to include? Check out this list: 


You are going to need a couple of plungers. A flange plunger is the upgraded plunger you use to clear a clogged toilet. The old school cup plunger is good for less dirty applications like clearing a tub or sink.


All types! Basin, pipe, adjustable, and strap wrenches.


There are many different types of pliers out there, and every one of them can help with plumbing. A pair of needle nose pliers, though, will work well on smaller fittings. Plus, they have the added benefit of clearing hair out of a shower or tub drain without getting the hand auger out.


For the extreme do-it-yourselfer, the hacksaw will cut through PVC pipe like a hot knife through butter, and with some effort and a blade change, through metal pipes as well.

Thread Tape, Duct Tape, and Plumbers Putty

Caulk and Caulk Gun

For more permanent watertight solutions, a caulk gun loaded with caulk or silicone can be your best friend.


Because you can’t fix what you can’t see.


A life saver on those hard to move or older fixtures.

Garbage Disposal Key

Help loosen jammed objects that sneak in your disposal and cause backups when you can’t run it.

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The holiday season should be one spent enjoying time with family and friends. If a plumbing emergency happens that is bigger than you can take on, contact your Warrior plumber 24/7 (even on Christmas) at 443-967-3736.