Remodeling Services

The team at Warrior Plumbing has decades of experience with both Kitchen and Bathroom remodels. We understand the need to get work done right, on time, and on budget. But most important of all is that we guarantee our work will be of the highest quality!  Warrior Plumbing also has it’s contractor’s license so we can manage your Bathroom or Kitchen remodel project start to finish.

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Kitchen Remodel Services in Baltimore

Why Choose Us?

Warrior Plumbing is your go-to plumber for your plumbing problems and a great option if you’re looking for a remodeling plumber. While there are many general contractors who offer plumbing services, there is no better option than a plumbing specialist like us. Besides offering great services, here are a few other reasons to choose us over other contractors and plumbers.

  • Save Money

    Using a plumbing specialist saves you more money than you would with a general contractor. While general contractors have a broader knowledge of the workings of a house, a specialist knows the inner workings of a plumbing system much better and can ensure that it’s remodeled or built correctly.

  • Network of Other Trade Specialists

    A plumbing specialist not only knows how to deal with your plumbing and correctly find solutions, but is able to find you contract specialists who work in different areas for any other remodeling you might do. We here at Warrior Plumbing can give you a referral to a number of other contractors with our network of partnerships.

  • 24-hour Emergency Services

    Accidents can happen at the most inconvenient times. Not all happen in the middle of the day, and during the times that they do, not everyone has the luxury of handling the problem at that exact moment. No matter the odd hour in which you need your services, we’re here to help. Our 24-hour emergency services allow you to get your plumbing or heating fixed quickly.

Our Remodeling Services

Our team of remodeling plumbers can help with all your plumbing needs during your renovations. Your plumbing remodel doesn’t have to be for just whole room renovations but simple things like the kitchen sink being outdated or the room where your toilet is located being too small. We can fix any remodeling problem, big or small.

Kitchen Remodel Services in Baltimore


With kitchen remodels, our team at Warrior Plumbing is with you through the whole process. We’ll start with consulting you on different aspects of your remodel before checking for any potential issues that might arise when working with old plumbing. Our remodeling plumbers ensure that you get the new plumbing that’s best for your home.

Toilet Installation in Baltimore


With years of experience in renovating bathroom plumbing, our remodeling plumbers can help you every step of the way. Care and attention will be given to all parts of the process from the consultation to the workmanship. We promise that every client will be satisfied with the results of their new bathroom plumbing.