A Need for Sewer Line Inspections in the Baltimore Area

We’ve noticed a greater need for sewer line inspections in the Baltimore area as symptoms of sewer drain clogs begin to appear with the summer weather. Have you noticed any of the following symptoms of a sewer drain clog in your home?

  • Toilet fills up when you run the sink
  • Multiple fixtures are clogged
  • Toilet doesn’t flush or gurgles
  • Tub fills with waste water

If you have begun to notice these symptoms, then you absolutely need a sewer line inspection.

This month, Warrior Plumbing and Heating is offering a sewer line inspection for only $200. Typically, these inspections are estimated at around $400 so that’s a half-off savings of $200! If you’re noticing any symptoms of a sewer drain clog in your home, call today to schedule a sewer line inspection at 443-967-3736. This offer will only last for a short time with an expiration date of August 15th, 2020. Additional costs may apply if there is not an accessible clean out and/or the drain line is longer than 75 feet.

Who needs a sewer camera inspection?

Warrior Plumbing highly recommends getting a camera inspection of your pipes anytime you’ve been having problems with your plumbing system. Whether you’ve been hearing odd gurgling noises, having trouble flushing your toilets, or if your drains are slow to clear. There could be a blockage or a repairable break in your sewer lines that’s causing the issue. This is the type of home maintenance that is best to stay ahead of.

Warrior Plumbing and Heating also recommends that Baltimore area home-owners (or potential home-buyers) take proactive measures to ensure the safety of their home. For home-buyers, we would argue that a sewer line inspection should be a mandatory part of your home inspection checklist. Do not purchase a home without one.

What is a sewer line inspection?

A camera inspection of your lines will reveal major problems from roots overtaking your pipes, or even structural problems such as misalignment, corrosion, and breaks in your pipes. A sewer line inspection is done by using a special high-resolution camera attached to a rod that one of our licensed plumbers will insert through your pipes. A signal transmits from the equipment which will alert us to exactly where any obstructions are. We can then determine how to best clear the blockage and get your line flowing smoothly again. Locating potential problems with your sewer line before they become serious issues can not only save you headaches, but thousands of dollars in unpleasant and highly intrusive repairs.

What are the benefits of a sewer line inspection?

We’ve pulled together this list of the top five benefits of having a sewer line inspection for your home:

  1. No digging Involved – Where once sewer inspections required yard excavations, this advanced technology has made the inspection process less tedious. Only a small entry point into the sewer line is required for the camera to detect any plumbing issues.
  2. Less Labor Costs – Advanced technology has made it possible to complete a sewer line inspection without the use of excavation – saving costs on heavy machinery and a team of contractors. A licensed Warrior plumber can complete this innovative method on their own.
  3. Time Efficiency – The advanced technology has also made it possible to save time completing the inspection itself and ensuring that any issues are resolved early on so that you do not have to waste time and energy fixing the same issues time and time again.
  4. Service integration – After a sewer inspection, your video recording is provided to you and usually stored which makes any service repairs that are needed, run smoothly and efficiently.
  5. Preventative maintenance – Your sewer line provides a vital function to your home by taking away all waste and drainage, but it’s not easy to tell when they’re in danger of backing up or causing a serious problem. A sewer inspection is the best solution for preventing any future plumbing issues and maintaining the health of your home’s plumbing system. Any home owner’s priority should be to make their home significantly sound with routine maintenance.

Stay ahead of potential home disasters and save big this month with our sewer line inspection special. We’re here to help!

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