Our Story – Part Four

The Mission and Vision of Warrior Plumbing and Heating: A Commitment to Integrity, Legacy, and Community


Warrior Plumbing and Heating is dedicated to delivering exceptional plumbing and heating services while upholding our core values of respect, honesty, and integrity. We are more than just a plumbing business. These values define our approach to customer interactions and set us apart from other plumbing companies. At Warrior, our focus is on treating customers with care, transparency, and respect. We prioritize open communication, guiding customers through the process, and offering multiple options to help them save money. With our extensive experience, we often provide solutions over the phone, empowering customers to address issues themselves and avoid unnecessary fees. This not only saves them money but also instills a sense of independence and confidence for future challenges.

Quote from customer: Companies built on the foundation of integrity are far and few between these days- Warrior Plumbing will be our company from now on. Thank you for the outstanding service!! – Kimberly 

Unlike sales-oriented companies, we never upsell or pressure customers into unnecessary services. Instead, we prioritize their preferences and provide transparent information. Our goal is to build trustworthy and long-term relationships through exceptional service and ethical practices. We value meaningful connections and prioritize customer satisfaction over one-time transactions. Setting a new industry standard, we strive to exceed expectations in these areas.

Quote from customer: These guys are amazing. Not only were they on time and efficient, they were helpful and honest. They weren’t just trying to make money by taking it from me as some professionals tend to do, but actually wanted to help me fix the problem. They advised me that they could come out on a weekend but it sounded like it could wait until the next day (a Monday) which would save me an additional cost. They also helped me navigate getting the city to fix its issue helping my backup issues too. In the end, they advised me to call my insurance company because it was going to be a costly fix, although they could have done it and I wouldn’t have known any better. I appreciate their honesty and help. Can’t recommend them enough! – Lindsay 

Quote from Customer: This company is great. I called about getting a new sump pump. Their lead walked me through the entire process over the phone before they even came out. The guys who did the work were professional and on-time. They didn’t not try to sell me anything and were honest/direct. Definitely using Warrior Plumbing again! – Emily 

Driven by our passion for the work we do and our commitment to customer satisfaction, we go the extra mile for our customers. We engage in conversations, treating them like family. Leaving a positive impression is important to us, and we ensure that we leave homes cleaner than when we arrived, taking meticulous care and utilizing protective measures like gloves and booties.

Quote from customer: “The Brents” will take great care of you – you can always reach an actual person not a voicemail for starters.  And if you have an emergency, they will find a way to work you in!  They never leave a mess and usually leave it cleaner than when they got there! Their prices are more than reasonable, especially considering the quality of their work.  I highly recommend Warrior Plumbing!- Melissa

Quote from customer: We recently used Warrior Plumbing at our business to replace an old 50+ foot section of leaking pipe. Their quote was lower than two other quotes we received, but more importantly was that their service was top notch.  They came on time & prepared for the job & did the job quickly & professionally.  They left our business looking better when they left than when they got there & just really great people to deal with.  I would definitely use them again & recommend them to friends & family.  Great job guys! – Alex 

Respect for others is a fundamental principle we abide by, aiming to earn trust through our actions and consistently proving ourselves to both long-standing and new customers. Trust and dependability are deeply ingrained in our core values, influenced by Collin’s military background, where trust was critical for survival. Upholding these values, we prioritize accountability and fulfilling our commitments in all aspects of life, fostering strong relationships and overall success.

Supporting our family, dedicated employees, customers, and meaningful causes brings us immense pride. These are the reasons why we are different from other plumbing businesses. It is also why our long standing customers trust and use us for all their plumbing and heating needs. Witnessing the positive impact of our business and providing assistance to those in need is truly fulfilling. As we reflect on our journey, we take great pride in our growth and the positive reputation we have earned by our community. 


Our organization’s vision encompasses three distinct yet interconnected pillars. Firstly, we are deeply committed to giving back to our esteemed veteran community, recognizing their sacrifices and ensuring their well-being is prioritized. Secondly, we strive to build a lasting legacy, leaving a positive and enduring impact on the lives of those we touch. Through our actions, we aim to inspire future generations and create a meaningful footprint in our journey. Lastly, we aspire to be recognized as Baltimore’s Best, setting the standard for excellence in our industry and serving as a beacon of pride for our community. By embracing these three pillars, we are steadfast in our pursuit of a purpose-driven and impactful business.

Giving Back: Help a Warrior 

We believe in giving back to the Veteran community. When our customers choose Warrior, they choose to support veterans in the local community. Simultaneous to forming Warrior Plumbing and Heating, the Warrior partners spearheaded the creation of the Help a Warrior program to show their commitment to giving back to the Veteran community. We know that not all wounds are visible and we want to help improve upon the obstacles faced by the over 365,000 Veteran brothers and sisters that call Maryland home. The Help a Warrior program provides free plumbing and heating services to a Veteran in need each month. Warrior Plumbing and Heating is able to serve Veterans who live in Baltimore and the surrounding areas of Maryland.

Our deep commitment to the Help a Warrior program extends beyond the conventional approach of showcasing veterans’ experiences in exchange for assistance. Unlike many companies, we believe that individuals in need should not have to trade their stories for support. Recognizing the potential barriers of vulnerability and the fear of being perceived as seeking aid solely for personal gain, we emphasize a different approach.

At Warrior Plumbing and Heating, our mission is rooted in genuine care and compassion for veterans in need. We firmly believe that every individual, regardless of their background, deserves assistance and support. Rather than focusing on showcasing veteran experiences, we prioritize the inherent worth and dignity of each person. Our goal is to extend a helping hand to those who have served, recognizing them as fellow human beings deserving of assistance, understanding, and compassion.

We understand that seeking help can be a challenging and vulnerable process. By removing the expectation of sharing personal stories in exchange for aid, we aim to create an environment where veterans feel comfortable reaching out without fear of judgment or exploitation. Our commitment is to uplift and support individuals based on their inherent value, ensuring that every veteran in need receives the help they deserve.

At Warrior, it is our honor to serve our veterans and make a positive impact in their lives. We firmly believe that everyone deserves a helping hand, regardless of their background or personal experiences. Together, we can build a community of support and understanding, ensuring that our veterans receive the assistance and care they rightfully deserve.

Quote from veteran: “I was very proud of the company in the way they treat their veterans. Your company made me feel very special… very professional and do very good work. You should be proud of your son. If it was not for him talking to me about veterans, I would never know about your program.” – Anonymous, Veteran 

A Lasting Legacy 

Brent Edward, Brent Ryan, and Collin hold a shared hope that the sixth generation of Goldsmith kids will carry on the family legacy by joining the family business in the future. Already, one of the youngsters has accompanied his father, Brent Ryan, out in the field and displays a consistent eagerness to lend a hand. 

For Collin, running the family business has become an invaluable life lesson to impart upon his four boys at home. It provides him with the opportunity to demonstrate that with determination and hard work, they can pursue and achieve anything they desire. By setting their minds to a goal and putting in the necessary effort, they can create their own paths and reach success.

While the Warrior partners hold a genuine desire for the Goldsmith kids to eventually become part of the family business, they also acknowledge the work requires a genuine passion. They understand the importance of allowing the kids to forge their own unique journeys and find success independently. Each child possesses their own distinct destiny and the freedom to explore their passions and aspirations. The partners wholeheartedly support and encourage the children to follow their dreams, providing guidance and mentorship along the way. By nurturing their individual talents and instilling a strong work ethic, they believe that the Goldsmith kids will find fulfillment in whichever path they choose to pursue.

As the future unfolds, the hope remains that the family bond and entrepreneurial spirit will continue to thrive, whether through the sixth generation joining the family business or pursuing their own ventures.

Outside of our immediate family with the sixth generation of the Goldsmith kids, we are committed to sustaining the business by providing unwavering support to those who have contributed to our success – particularly our dedicated team members and their families. They are our extended family now. Their growth, prosperity, and ultimate success are of paramount importance to us. We aim to create an environment that nurtures their development and positions them for achievement, fostering an atmosphere where they can thrive and excel. We firmly believe that their accomplishments are a direct reflection of our own, and by empowering them, we will also prosper as a business.

Quote from Customer: My High School Senior is considering plumbing as a career. Brent let him watch, explained what he was doing, and answered all his questions. This was above and beyond!  – Mark 

We want to ensure continued growth and success within our business. Rather than pursuing rapid expansion that may lead to adverse consequences for our team and our customers, we adopt a measured approach, taking gradual steps forward and increasing customers incrementally each year. From a small three partner team, we have expanded to a diverse group of talented employees. While it was a scary experience adding to the team, it is heartening to hear individuals join our team and express their appreciation for the positive, family-like environment we’ve cultivated. Knowing that our company is held in high regard and that people genuinely enjoy being part of our team validates our efforts. It serves as a reminder that we are on the right track, making a positive impact in the lives of our employees.

Brent Edward has imparted valuable advice to his two sons as partners, his grandchildren, and his employees: 

“Be proud of your work and hold it close to your heart. Care deeply about what you do and the people you serve. Respect is paramount, and by showing respect to your customers, you will earn their respect in return. Hard work is essential; even when it feels challenging, putting in the time is necessary. 

Always remember that there is a distinct difference between our business and the conventional business model followed by many companies. We are not aiming to become a large corporation solely focused on upselling and generating massive profits. Instead, we believe in the importance of preserving the spirit of Mom and Pop-like businesses, small enterprises that prioritize community support and demonstrate genuine care. Our goal is to remain a respectable company that serves as a beacon of hope, providing honest assessments and delivering the necessary solutions. My aspiration for the business is to establish a lasting legacy as an honest and hardworking company that takes care of our customers and gives back to our community.”

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