Our Story – Part Three

Powerful Partners

Having gleaned some insights into each of the Warrior partners, it becomes apparent that their roles and approaches are wonderfully diverse, shaped by their unique blend of personal and professional backgrounds. Let’s delve into their individual roles and areas of expertise within the business:

Brent Edward 

Brent Edward utilizes his extensive knowledge and expertise to actively work in the field, where he personally trains his employees and tackles challenging jobs. Through hands-on experience, he imparts his knowledge to his team, ensuring that customer needs are met and high-quality work is delivered. His aim is to expand and manage his team, fostering a steady flow of operations and maintaining the standards of the business.

When not in the field, Brent Edward draws upon his expertise to handle critical tasks that contribute to the smooth functioning of the business. This includes preparing and submitting project proposals, as well as maintaining ongoing communication with residential and commercial customers.

Overall, Brent Edward’s expertise, dedication, and proactive approach contribute significantly to the success of the company, earning the trust and satisfaction of both employees and customers alike.

Brent Edward, as described by the other Warrior partners, is an exceptional individual who consistently goes above and beyond to assist those in need. His selflessness and genuine concern for others are truly admirable. Whether it’s a lengthy phone conversation or providing guidance, he never hesitates to lend a helping hand, even if there is no immediate financial gain. His goal is to address the person’s concerns and offer practical solutions, often empowering them to resolve the issue themselves or find a cost-effective alternative. What sets him apart from others is his unwavering commitment to treating every customer as family, showing them the utmost care and respect. Witnessing his kindness and dedication is truly inspiring, as these qualities are rare to find in today’s world.

Their admiration for him knows no bounds. His unwavering dedication and hard work have played a pivotal role in shaping the business. With years of experience in the industry, he has laid a solid foundation for success. As the fourth generation in our family, he carried forward the legacy passed down from our grandfather. However, he also recognized the importance of embracing advancements and adapting to change. By venturing out on his own, he ensured that our business could thrive in a rapidly evolving landscape. Starting the business was undoubtedly a daunting task, but he faced it head-on, investing countless hours and relentless effort. He handled the demanding aspects of the business, allowing both Brent Ryan and Collin to build upon the solid groundwork he established. It has been truly remarkable for them to walk into what he has built and to continue carrying the torch, knowing the sacrifices and achievements that preceded them.

Brent Ryan 

Brent Ryan works directly in the field where his role is to personally assist customers and ensure their needs are met. He recalls the early days of his career where his father, Brent Edward, was his mentor. He provided Brent Ryan with a well-rounded learning experience where he is now always able to find a solution to an issue and never backs down from a challenge. He goes from one job to another, working diligently to provide the necessary support, and ensuring that everything is set up properly. His goal is to maintain a steady flow of operations and keep things running smoothly for both the customers and the Warrior team. 

When he is not actively working in the field, Brent Ryan also pulls from his expertise as a college graduate and master plumber to handle various crucial tasks that keep the business running smoothly. This includes tasks such as pulling permits, invoicing, job documentation, and engaging in continuous communication with residential and commercial customers. Unexpected challenges that need immediate attention can occur and he finds it to be his responsibility to swiftly address these concerns, find effective solutions, and ensure that the team can seamlessly move on to the next job.

Whether it’s resolving unexpected issues, coordinating tasks, or ensuring that our employees can smoothly transition to their next job, Brent is dedicated to maintaining a high level of efficiency and professionalism. 

The other Warrior partners describe Brent Ryan as a remarkable individual. He possesses exceptional efficiency and intelligence, and he tackles tasks with great determination. They can hardly recall a time when they approached Brent Ryan with an issue that wasn’t swiftly resolved within a day. He has a wonderful ability to find solutions, to make things work, and they truly admire him for that.

Collin Goldsmith

Collin’s role encompasses various aspects of the business. Holding the MHIC contractors license, Collin serves as the general contractor for significant projects carried out by Warrior Plumbing and Heating. On a daily basis, his responsibilities range from managing essential tasks like overseeing employee payroll and 401k to implementing effective marketing strategies and personally handling customer communication.

One of the primary focuses for Collin is to ensure a seamless transition for customers. When a customer reaches out, Collin takes charge of the process, working closely with his father and brother to guarantee that their needs are met without any oversight. This involves efficiently coordinating with our team of employees to provide exceptional service and support to every customer, ensuring their experience with Warrior is smooth and hassle-free.

Additionally, he is actively involved in the day-to-day operations, taking on a diverse range of responsibilities to ensure the smooth running of the business. From answering phone calls to addressing customer inquiries, he strives to maintain open lines of communication and build strong relationships with our valued customers. By actively engaging with customers and overseeing crucial aspects of the business, Collin ensures that we prioritize their needs and deliver the exceptional service they expect from Warrior.

His multifaceted role as a business leader allows him to utilize his skills and expertise across various areas, ensuring that both the operational and customer-facing aspects of Warrior are handled with the utmost care and attention. With a strong focus on detail and a commitment to exceptional customer service, he works tirelessly to ensure that no customer is forgotten and that every interaction with Warrior is both professional and seamless.

The other Warrior partners describe Collin as a devoted family man and a hardworking individual. The sacrifices that Collin has made, particularly in his military service, are truly awe-inspiring. The accolades he has received speak volumes about his dedication and commitment. Personally, the other Warrior partners could not fathom the thought of leaving their family behind while fighting for our county, making Collin’s ability to do so multiple times all the more remarkable. The strength and resilience that Collin possesses to navigate through the challenges he has faced is truly extraordinary. Many struggle with the aftermath of such experiences, but Collin has managed to overcome them and return home, not only as an exceptional father and husband but as a successful entrepreneur. They find it incredible to witness someone who has not only endured but has also thrived in the face of adversity and they hold immense admiration for him. 

Uniting for Success

Managing a family business comes with its challenges. In such situations, the Warrior partners adopt a collaborative approach to address issues effectively pulling upon their expertise. Essentially, when faced with a challenge, they come together either through a call or a meeting to thoroughly discuss the issue. They openly present their perspectives, allowing each partner to share their insights. By engaging in a collaborative dialogue, they explore various approaches and potential solutions. This diversity of expertise enables them to analyze the problem from different angles and gain valuable insights. Through detailed discussions, they can pinpoint the core of the issue and devise effective strategies. They bounce ideas off one another, leveraging the collective knowledge and experience they bring to the table. With Brent Edward’s extensive plumbing industry experience, Brent Ryan’s expertise as a college-educated master plumber, and Collin’s background in business management and employee engagement, they offer distinct viewpoints that contribute to finding solutions more efficiently.

It’s truly fortunate that they not only share a familial bond but also genuinely enjoy working together. Many family businesses struggle with internal dynamics, but they are grateful that their dynamic is different. They recognize the value of this harmonious relationship, as it contributes to the success and smooth functioning of their business.

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