Our Story – Part Two

The Warrior Plumbing and Heating Story - Humble Beginnings

The history of our family legacy began in 1935 when Phillip Wallis Goldsmith founded Wallis Plumbing, establishing the foundation for our business. The reins were later passed down to his son, Phillip Wallis Goldsmith Jr. (Known as Wally), who successfully led the business independently until 1959. His son, Frank Goldsmith, then joined him after completing his service in the Army and took over the business in 1991.

The warrior plumbing story - humble beginningsAlthough Brent Edward initially aspired to pursue a career in law enforcement or the sciences, he found his true calling within the family business. His mechanical aptitude and love for customer interaction made plumbing a natural fit for him. Joining his father, Frank, Brent Edward began working full-time in the family business. In doing so, he brought with him the learned values from his mentors growing up, along with his own unique talents and passion.

Values Learned Through Mentorship

Frank, as Brent Edwards’ father, was a mentor for Brent growing up. Outside the family business, Frank was an athlete and coached Brent as he actively participated in various sports such as football, baseball, wrestling, and gymnastics. Brent found energy and discipline through these activities. Alongside his father’s guidance, Brent was fortunate to have a dedicated gymnastics coach named Sam, who played a significant role in shaping his character. Under Sam’s guidance, he learned the values of determination and perseverance, realizing that with the right mindset, there were no limits to his achievements. Reflecting on his athletic journey, Brent cherishes the personal growth and fulfillment it brought him.

Warrior Plumbing BaltimoreOutside athletics, Brent recognizes the profound impact his parents had on him professionally. His parents were caring souls and Frank was an exceptional plumber who provided Brent with invaluable guidance, teaching him everything he knew about the plumbing industry. They both instilled in him the values of strength, dedication, and compassion. They emphasized the importance of taking care of others and striving for excellence in everything he does. For example, Frank’s commitment to completing tasks to perfection and ensuring customer satisfaction left a lasting impression on Brent. Sharing his father’s aversion to unfinished work, Brent understands the importance of providing exceptional service and leaving a positive impression on customers.

Brent consistently witnessed his father’s unwavering dedication to providing for the family and working tirelessly. This inspired him to develop mental fortitude. His strength as the head of the household taught him the importance of perseverance and determination in overcoming challenges for the well-being of his own family.

A New Chapter: Brent E. Goldsmith, Inc. 

In 2005, Brent Edward took the accumulated knowledge from three generations and embarked on a new chapter. He established Brent E. Goldsmith, Inc., a testament to his vision and determination to carry the family legacy forward. 

This was a defining moment for him in his career. With his expertise and dedication, he took the business to new heights, embracing technology and providing exceptional plumbing and heating services along with remodeling projects to a growing residential and commercial customer base.

Shifting Landscapes 

Warrior Plumbing and Heating BaltimoreBrent Edward recognized that businesses must adapt to stay ahead. Reflecting on his early days in the business, Brent Edward recalls the labor-intensive work of cutting and threading pipes, digging with picks and shovels, and breaking apart stone with hammers and chisels. A game-changing moment occurred for him when a friend introduced him to a backhoe, a piece of excavating equipment used for digging. Brent Edward was ecstatic that equipment such as this could significantly reduce the time and effort required for excavation work. This allowed them to take on more projects and deliver faster results. 

The communication landscape also shifted significantly for Brent Edward over the years. He fondly remembers the days when he had to travel from payphone to payphone, armed with a bag of quarters, just to communicate with customers or his team. He laughed as he recollected the frustrations of encountering broken payphones or ones that ate his precious quarters. 

Brent Edward’s father, Frank, adapted early to the shifting communication landscape by purchasing one of the first cell phones available. Describing it as a “monster of a phone,” Brent Edward and his father recognized the potential of this technology, despite its high cost. The days of relying on pay-phones were gradually replaced by the convenience and connectivity of cell phones and social media, which have become indispensable tools for the team today.

Nowadays our team seeks to continuously stay ahead of shifting landscapes, including the use of high-efficiency technology, so that we are continuously learning and growing to meet our customer’s needs. 

The Next Generation: Warrior Plumbing and Heating

Brent Goldsmith Jr. Warrior Plumbing and Heating BaltimoreBrent Edward’s oldest son, Brent Ryan, joined the family business in 2010. With a background in business and economics, Brent Ryan initially had aspirations in the pharmaceutical industry. However, after gaining experience in the field, he discovered that his true passion lay closer to home. 

Drawing from his academic achievements and his natural inclination toward mathematics, Brent Ryan brought a fresh perspective to the family business. He enjoyed the hands-on nature of the business where he could actively tackle problems and identify solutions.

Brent Ryan advanced rather quickly in the field. He relied on his father, Brent Edward, as his mentor to teach him about the plumbing industry. Working day in and day out with his father, Brent Ryan completed a 4 year apprenticeship. He then obtained his Journeyman’s Plumber License and his Master Plumber and Gas Fitter License over the next four years – passing both of the licensure exams on the first try! His Master Plumber and Gas Fitter license allowed the business to pull permits, carry insurance, and work within the commercial setting. His rapid advancement within the field, coupled with his business acumen, contributed to the continued success of Brent E. Goldsmith, Inc and then Warrior Plumbing and Heating.

Collin Goldsmith Warrior Plumbing and Heating BaltimoreBrent Edward’s youngest son, Collin, is the Veteran behind Warrior Plumbing and Heating. He has proven his strength as he transitioned from serving as a Marine Corps Sergeant to becoming a successful entrepreneur with Warrior Plumbing and Heating in 2017 alongside his father and brother. 

Collin’s journey first began with his enlistment in the Marine Corps in 2010, where he served two combat tours in Afghanistan as an 0311 Infantryman. Surrounded by incredibly brave individuals who displayed extraordinary courage under fire, Collin witnessed firsthand the true meaning of heroism. Amidst the challenges of war, a significant personal milestone occurred with the birth of his son, Paxton, on July 4th, 2013. Though separated by distance, Collin witnessed his son’s birth through a Skype camera and was able to meet him for the first time when he returned home. This bittersweet moment heightened his realization of the importance of being present for his family.

Upon medically retiring from the Marines after five years of dedicated service and being awarded both the Bronze Star Medal with Valor and the Purple Heart, Collin faced the difficult process of reintegrating into civilian life. The transition was far from smooth, as he grappled with crowded environments, loud noises, and bright lights that triggered overwhelming emotions. The stark contrast between the military and civilian worlds, including the distinctive language and communication styles, presented unforeseen challenges. Collin’s initial struggles underscored the complexities many veterans encounter when adjusting to life beyond the military.

Despite the challenges, Collin sought support and found solace in various resources available to veterans. Collaborating with the local Veterans Affairs (VA) and healthcare professionals, he attended individual therapy sessions, allowing him a safe space to process his experiences. While group therapy didn’t align with his preferences, Collin discovered the value of connecting with fellow veterans who shared similar struggles. The journey towards healing and adapting to civilian life required dedication, resilience, and a willingness to seek assistance from those who understood his unique circumstances.

Warrior Plumbing and Heating Baltimore Reentering the civilian workforce, Collin initially found himself in a role that was very different from his military experience. From being a Sergeant in the Marine Corps, he found himself filling sandbags on his first day of a job with a construction company and he felt lost. Determined to find a path that aligned with his skills and aspirations, Collin seized an opportunity to work in sales with the company, Paychex. This role pushed him outside his comfort zone, requiring him to communicate effectively with business owners to showcase the value of Paychex services. Collin admired the successful entrepreneurs he encountered, realizing that their action-oriented mindset and ability to build trust with others played significant roles in their achievements.

Inspired by the business owners he met and armed with a desire to make a meaningful impact, Collin embarked on a new chapter alongside his father and brother. Together, they rebranded Brent E. Goldsmith, Inc. to form Warrior Plumbing and Heating. Initially focusing on sewer cleanings, the business quickly flourished and evolved into what it is today. We now serve the greater Baltimore area in Maryland, providing a range of interior and exterior plumbing and heating services. We also provide bathroom and kitchen remodeling and 24/7 emergency services. 

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