Our Top 5 Summer Plumbing Tips

During the summer months, North American families use about 50 % more water than the rest of the year in an effort to stay cool and hydrated. As a result, you may see a drastic rise in your household bills during the summer season. We’ve pulled together this list of our top five summer plumbing tips to mitigate these costs:

Inspect Your Hoses

Enjoying the adventure of the great outdoors during the summer months means that your washing machine hoses and water usage will likely be utilized the heaviest during the summer season. Ensure your hoses are inspected as the summer months set in so that you can enjoy the season without needing to worry about possible leaks or damage within your home.

Use More Efficient Appliances

Certain water, gas, and electric appliances have more efficiency compared to others. When replacing old appliances, it is important to ask your licensed Warrior plumber about the durability of the new product. While it may cost more up front to purchase an efficient and reliable product, it could save you more in the long run when it comes to bill payments and probable replacements of less efficient appliance models.

Maintain and Turn Off your Water Heater

Do you have plans to go on vacation this summer? Remember that your water heater does not have to remain on while you are away from home. Turning off your water heater will save energy and, as a result, will lower your monthly bill. The average water heater should be able to last within your home between 8 and 10 years. It is important though that your water heater is maintained to ensure its durability. At least once a year, your water heater should have the sediment removed and the unit should be cleaned. If going on a vacation, it may be a good idea to schedule such maintenance with a trusted Warrior plumber while you are gone.

Avoid Clogs

The summer months often consist of family get togethers and delicious foods. As a result, your pipes and sinks may clog from time to time during the season. To prevent clogs, keep an eye out for oily or fatty foods and be careful of any stringy foods falling into the sink. These tend to clog small water pipes and are easily preventable.

Be Responsible When Watering The Garden

The best time to water your garden is either in the morning or at night. Watering in the middle of the day causes most of the moisture to be lost in evaporation whereas watering in the morning or night allows your garden to absorb most of the moisture. To save money and get the best results for your garden, you can ask your Warrior plumber to automate your sprinkler system accordingly. It is also wise to be careful about the presence of shrubs and trees in your garden. Any moisture will pull the roots further underground and may damage installed pipes around your house.

You can prepare for the summer season and avoid high bills by following these top five plumbing tips. For help in checking that your home is in proper working order for the summer, contact your licensed Warrior plumber today.