Tankless Water Heater

If you want a water heater that does not require a large tank, the tankless water heater is perfect for you. This type of water heater projects hot water without needing a storage tank.

The way it works is when the hot water is turned on, the water will travel through the pipe into a unit built within. As it travels, the water will be heated and deliver a continuous supply of hot water. Many people who don’t have much space in their home for a water heater tank or just don’t want one in their house can benefit from the tankless water heater. It’s an extremely efficient way of delivering hot water into your home.

You may have previously known the term for tankless water heaters as “instant water heaters” or “demand type”. This type of water heater is installed and replaced by Warrior Plumbing & Heating, along with our many other water heating services. Our team can install as many tankless water heaters as you need, and we also offer tankless water heater repair. Whatever your water heater needs are, we deliver.

Our Tankless Water Heater Services

Although we provide many water heater services, tankless water heaters are our specialty. We have an immensely qualified team that can install, repair, and replace all types of heaters.

Delivering the latest technology to our clients, each water heater will work at the utmost performance. If you are looking for a tankless water heater service we have what you need.


Whether you need multiple or just one tankless water heater, we can provide what you need. Our installation experts will arrive immediately and will work to your requests, delivering all of your water heating needs. Once our team leaves with your new system installed, you will receive hot water immediately.


At Warrior Plumbing & Heating, we can repair just about anything. When it comes to tankless water heaters, we bring out the most qualified team to your home. They will inspect the problem, come up with an effective solution, and repair your system, bringing you flowing hot water instantly. There is no repair job too large or too small for our experts. Don’t lose hope, contact Warrior Plumbing & Heating repair services.


Sometimes a water heater system is malfunctioning not because there is a problem, but simply because it is old and ready to be replaced. Our tankless water heater experts are able to spot systems that are ready for retirement and will recommend you the best and most affordable options. Our tankless water heater replacement services usually involve a newer high-performing tankless heater that will last you a long time before needing another replacement.

100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Warrior Plumbing & Heating strives to deliver 100 % customer satisfaction with every project. No matter your water heating needs, we can help and deliver the best solutions and technology. Our job isn’t finished until our customers are fully satisfied with their hot water. Contact us today to receive hot water today!

We have worked with Brent (the son) for the past few years and he has always demonstrated a high level of expertise and professionalism. He is the ONLY plumber we use and fully trust with our household needs.

Jennifer M
Jennifer M.