What if my sewer or water line needs to be replaced?

Warrior Plumbing recommends getting a camera inspection of your sewer line whenever you are experiencing system problems. While getting a camera inspection for your sewer line, Warrior Plumbing can also inspect your water line for any issues you may be unaware of. This is the type of home maintenance you’re best to stay ahead of.

This month, Warrior is offering our customers a bundle of savings. We are providing a sewer line camera inspection AND a free water line inspection for just $225! This bundle includes any water and sewer lines under 60 feet. Additional costs may apply for anything above this footage or if we need to pull a toilet to run the camera.

Call today to schedule because this offer ends March 1st, 2021.

What if I need a replacement?

When a licensed Warrior plumber inspects your water lines or sewer line, they may advise directional boring and pipe bursting solutions to fix any issues that are found.

You may be asking yourself, what on Earth is ‘directional boring’ or ‘pipe bursting’? And why is my Warrior plumber recommending it?

Directional boring equipment is used for water line replacements. Once damage has been identified with a water line inspection, your Warrior plumber will replace your line using directional boring technology. The first step is to create a ‘Pilot Hole’. This is the primary boring point to establish a connection with your underground lines. With the pilot hole formed, your Warrior plumber will use directional boring equipment to enlarge the connection for specific pipe diameters, and drill through soil according to the material being cut.

Pipe Bursting is used for sewer line replacements. Once damage has been identified with a sewer line camera inspection, your Warrior plumber will replace your line using a pipe bursting method. Through this method, your Warrior plumber will follow the same path of your existing sewer line by pulling the new pipe through the old pipe. The end result would be a replacement of your sewer line.

Directional boring and pipe bursting can completely replace lines damaged by virtually anything, which includes:

Faulty installation or poorly matched pipe joints

Cracking and breakages due to environmental pressures, such as shifting soil or temperature wear

Rusting and corrosion with age

Chemical decomposition

Combined, directional boring and pipe bursting techniques are the most affordable, non-invasive ways for homeowners to deal with underground damage. These processes offer more than just immediate savings… they offer peace of mind for years to come.

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If you’re dealing with underground emergencies, and need an affordable, non-invasive way to replace your sewer or water line quickly, there’s no better solution than directional boring and pipe bursting. For more information, contact your Warrior Plumber today.